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   StockRumors.com is the leading online provider for real-time stock market rumors, news and intelligence.

   Rumors move equities. Knowing what is being said can earn you money!
   Most news services and trade journals give you yesterday's news. Stockrumors.com, however, alerts our members in real-time to where the volume and action is on the street using the latest delivery methods including Instant Messaging and Text Messaging.

   No other publicly available stock market information service offers the same speed and service.

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1. Timeliness of the information. With StockRumors you have 2 ways you can receive insider information. You’ll receive financial rumors quicker than other sites. Want to know about m&a activity before the masses or even better before the average day trader? Stock trading can happen in real time with Stockrumors.com! Real time stock alerts are slowwwww if you ask StockRumors! With Stockrumors.com you’ll get the stock market update that drives stock trading and that others will only hear about after the fact in the form of a real time stock alerts!

2. Relevant information regarding M&A activity. Whether it’s a hostile takeover bid or friendly merger rumors, M&A is something that drives the markets. See, when you have relevant insider stock information!

3. Detailed information regarding M&A activity. Where most others talk about the whole market going up or down, StockRumors.com can provide the detailed information about specific takeover hostile companies. Get merger agreement information before it hits the press. Get the inside detailed scoop about buyout rumors!

4. Information for day traders to leverage to their advantage. If an average day trader uses technical information, think about how much more advantage would be obtained if the online stock trades had the kind of information that really facilitates real time stock trading!

5. Information is not dated. Naturally the biggest jumps and drops in a stock come when the real information emerges about something like a merger takeover. So if you wanted to get the stock report today, then get timely information that is not dated yesterday’s news!

6. Information is in real time alerts. Stock trading tips shouldn’t come in the new s paper. They should come in a text message or an online instant message. If you’re wondering about the rumor mill biotech, don’t you think you should get it in real time so that you can be ahead of the curve about the hostile takeovers about to happen?

7. Several different delivery methods. Choose to hear about stocks today via instant messenger, email, or our other premium options! Online stock trading is an environment where you should be able to get messages instantly and that’s why instant messenger is a great option!

8. Ability to ask about specific stock. Does your stock trading system give you the ability to check out rumors about a specific stock? Probably not! But with StockRumors.com you get those kind of financial rumors that are the best day trading tips and stock trading advice for the specific stocks you’re trading!

9. Stock updates on valuation upgrades and downgrades. Online stock trading companies obtain information on what to buy or sell based on upgrades and downgrades in valuation. That’s why you need to get this information instant messaged to you quickly!

10. 2 different levels of service. Choose the stock trading system that fits your needs. And get the buyout rumors before the next guy! Choose from our 2 convenient plans that will give you the power to trade with confidence!
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